Wednesday, June 17

The Good the Bad and the Ugly . Just Good .

There are two kinds of people in this world my friend , those who like western movies and those who don't .The movie is for both !

The plot of the movie is no new.Hunt for the hidden treasure , by  the trio, the good , the bad and the ugly splendidly portrayed by Clint Eastwood , Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleee in respective order.That's all to be said about it.Seriously.

For all people born in 80's and grew-up watching Rajini  movies (No wonder,you have to) and irrationally influenced by that style of his , I swear to God you'll like Clint Eastwood .Instantly , like I was.Everything he does in the movie is a statement in style : the way he removes the gun ,the way he triggers and the way he puts it back in the holster.Some man once jocularly cited Clint Eastwood as saying he has only two kind of face expressions ; one with a cigar and one without it .True mate .He has done , the smoking of those cigars to the extend that still some uninitiated people is of the belief  that Eastwood is the Malboro Man. Being the quick-witted of the three , Eastwood completely outsmarts others. He talks very less and less.Does more and more and total dialogue he speaks out in the movie could well be down to one single A4 sheet.Am being serious here.

Good : Thenavettu ; Ugly : Thiruttu-muzhi ; Bad: Yaara kavukkalam

The Ugly , Tuco portrayed by Eli Wallach needs a special mention because he proves to be the humorous part of this not-DieHard-style action plot. Tuco carries the screenplay along with him . Has an amazing accent throughout the movie and this particularly 'When you have to shoot , shoot don talk ...!' is marvelous.At some places one couldn't help but start thinking Tuco face(#Tucoface) could've been a sensation like Ponting's .

When you have to shoot , shoot . Don talk  !

And most of you wouldn't believe if i say this is a dubbed movie originally released in land of Italy (as "il bruno il brutto il cattivo" ) Their accent is completely on par with the English western movies though at places Clint Eastwood tries to hide his inability to deliver some dialogues :-).

I like Eastwood .I love Tuco . Enough Said . 

Gethu . Gethu . Gethu .

Sergio Leone is the one who oddly tries his hand at the offbeat western movies rather than normal movies . He has to his credit some more great western classics including "Once upon a time in the west" , "For a few dollars more" and "A Fist full of dollars". I would personally recommend the first one , Once upon ... .His association with Clint Eastwood is known to everyone .If not for this  Eastwood's association with Leone , the world would have never seen Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby. And Eastwood would  have never seen those Oscars.

Ennio Moricone , considered to be one of the best composers all time has composed the sound track for the movie .The sound track of the movie is the best in this genre ,and of my all time favorite, and this has been inspired (what a good word for "plagiarism") a hell a lot of Tamil music composers . It reflects the plot of the movie . It mirrors the persona of the lead actors . I would say Ennio morricone is a tailor-made composer for Sergio Leone . Though many consider 'The Ecstasy of Gold' score be the best , I personally feel this is the best .The BGM at some scenes stands out to an extent that you feel it's "out of the world" , especially the one at the  famous climax with a gun in their hands and each standing at the vertices of a Triangle .A complete Masterpiece in its own right.

And the movie could have been cut short ,but excepting for the civil war scenes at the end of the movie .This is unnecessary addition to movie's plot which is not-so-fast but moves at a moderate pace . This could be irksome as these scenes comes at time when you are waiting for the movie to get over.

Last note ,

And God said let there be gun and there was Clint Eastwood .


  1. Nice Review .. .Super movie too ..

  2. I love the BGM very much :) Super movie ....


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