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Geethanjali--Idhayathai Thirudathey - It Stole My Heart


Here , I write about this movie not because its too good but Tamil Audience (read as My Friends )didn't give the respect it's due. Knowing them for many a years I expected a good review on This. All in vain. This is the same movie telecast every fortnight (or more frequently) in RajTv. (No friend mine or me either will watch Raj,unless you are so confident that you are watching a tamil movie. They have this worst habit of picking a random Telugu movie (Something like Idhudhanda Police) and dubbing them in Tamil for in need of some viewership.I too had the same feeling when I saw this for the First time . I have been wrong , as always .

Recently , when transferring movies from a Madharaaj's hard disk I ran into this movie, and thanked God.Rub aside the thoughts that this is dubbed movie and when you know this to be a Manirathnam Rom movie cinematographed by PCS and scored by IR ,You'll watch this movie , let alone like it . This Heroine's physical & mental display will convince you .If not you must be not be straight-minded. A quick Wiki research informed that this is inspired from an English movie called “Young die first“(don’t  again search for that movie I've done that to death ) , based on the storyline that both hero and heroine knows that they are going to die ., but plan to live happily. Ironically , yes they do.

Plot (Full Spoiler) : The hero has an incurable disease and is about to die soon . Knowing this, the hero cant stay at home with his ever-worrying Parents. He wants to enjoy the last days of his life  in a solitary confinement and goes Ooty , where she meets the Geetha with same issues . Yes, she is about to die in weeks.Amused by the heroines penchant for life despite knowing she is going to die makes hero more confident, butterfly flies, Love started .What happens when they both reach the advanced stages of their disease is the rest of the story .The movie ends not with a tragic note  heavy melodrama is assured .
Though the screenplay demands a great deal of poignancy , the Director has managed to handle the movie with soft comedy till the later part of second half.The dialogues in the movie are just Manirathnam Range , should I say . It is too short and so sweet . My Favorite sequence goes below , 
 “ Har pal yahan jeebar jeeyo jo he sama kal ho na ho" ; C'est La Vie

Cinematography done by P.C .Sriram , If not for him who else in India can command the sunlight to his orders. PCS Handled the cameras meticulously keeping in view of the picturesque locations of Ooty. But he has gone overboard at some places and "Sachin Effect" (Put smoke in Coimbatore Airport)is quite inevitable.

People wouldn't need a degree in Sound Engineering to figure out the significance of BGM in a Romantic -Senti movie. IR can handle this in a better way than any other person in this Country. So When Manirathnam combines with IR, what is done is Magic and  what you get is a Masterpiece. (Last time this happened in Mounaragam . That says it all ) . Music here is so flawless that you wouldn’t notice a separate Bgm is being played in the background , it merges so well with the movie and the spectacular visuals of ooty .The Title score is too good and reminisces me of Mounaragam's .In Spb , O Papa Laali (Telugu ) is soothing in its own sense.  
Songs were never outta place and completes sync's with the movie.And the ever-occupant rain song is given to the Heroine's debutante . And again Mounaragam dejavu . Given the fact that this is one of the earlier movies of Nagarjuna , this performance cant be matched.

Revati-esque Performance


Of all the things stated above one thing that stands  out tall above others is Girija 's  Performance .She is so cute as Revathi and  as fresh as Sridevi . I may hyperbole , but this girl is worth  all of it . This is one helluva  a performance from a debut actor.In this role ,She had outclassed everyone  but Revathi who till date is the perfect archetype for this-kinda role.
                                     All said and done I think Manirathnam is responsible for all these things to work out properly . He has the ability to extract the best of every person he works with .

This is a great movie and I recommend you to watch this movie once. I'm not responsible for you giving this a second chance :-) 




  1. super review..cant wait to watch...n Ram..doesn't the heroine look like her?U know who am referrin to rite? :P

  2. Ya..But there is a difference ..This heroine is cute and she ( I too dont want to mention the name for obvious reasons ) is attu ...:-)

  3. hey the dialogue u mentioned is m favourite too...i luv the movie for everything...background music i keep lsitening to it...i've extracted the bgm of entire movie...

    hye u know wat ..u have a bad opinion of gult movies...i guess u r wrong......

  4. Ya me too searched for "Young die First" and landed to your blog. Your review of the movie is too good, cos the movie is damn good ...
    I would suggest everyone to watch it atleast once .... Geetanjali or Idayathai Thirudathey -

  5. Very very bad opinion on Telugu rational boss..every industry comes up with good and bad movies...and the movies are very much a reflection of what the people that sense both thers nothing much to choose between telugu and tamil movies though i would say telugu movies look a bit modern

  6. 'Young Die First' is an dairy of a young girl dying of cancer published

  7. This movie also resembles Hindi move of BigB 'Mili'...

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  9. Sukumar Natarajan CTSAugust 7, 2012 at 3:01 PM

    This is a very rare film. Although its a romantic film its entirely differnt from other romantic films. Mani choosed a different plot and narrted it in a very cute manner. Its a lovable movie rare of its kind.

    More over Illayarajas back ground music added value for each ane every scene. Like Mani other persons also put their valuable effort effectively. That why we are speaking about Idhayathai Thirudathey or Geetaanjali.

    Truely now days we are missing this kind of movies. A very rare cute and beautiful movie.

    I would suggest everyone to watch it atleast once .... Geetanjali or Idayathai Thirudathey. I hope once if
    a person get a chance of seeing this movie sure he will also praise like us.

    Truely beautiful and always lovaable and rememberable.


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