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Rainmaker : Just another Grisham novel

This being my seventh Grisham's novel eventually following the eternally mokkai "Innocent man". Unlike Firm , this was a run-of-the-mill story with the main character posed as a solicitor(true with most of the grisham novels where the main character is a solicitor or judge or it is as so with what i've read :-))

The Spoiler Ahead : 

The protagonist of this interesting plot is Rudy Baylor , who thinks that he has some over-the-top qualifications to become a lawyer against his father's( who is a ex-mariner who , due to the accusation of frequent lawsuits, hates Lawyers ) wishes's and does so . Rudy is a quick speaker has the instinct for meticulous attention .Like most of the students who has craze for the subject but does fairly or below normal when it comes for pragmatic learning of the syllabus(Atleast as so with My college :-) ) and taking the exams.Simultaneously he works as a part-timer at a cafe where he gets into the good books of Bruiser,a lawyer cum mafia of Memphis city  who most of the times gets involved in as a life-saver of criminals and gets a lion share of monetary fee .
Initially, he was hired by Brodd and Noax . When this law firm signs a merger with another big firm they leave Rudy in the roads .Getting annoyed by thier behavior, Rudy go to thier office and grapples with the secretary and comes home is despair. On the next day he was flummoxed to see  the newspaper because the firm was arsoned by someone and soon cops arrive to his home accusing him for this. When things go out of his track he seeks the help of his good friend Booker who alleviates his problems .
Rudy while studying law manages to get two cases on his side ,one is the rewriting of the will of Ms.Birdie(In whose home he is residing) and another one is the suing of "Great Benefit" insurance company for curtailing the money that must given to Donny Ray Black . Donny needs a Bone transplantation but Great benefit regrets the insurance claim by suppressing them and Rudy involves himself to act against  this injust.
For the betterment of her case and admired by Rudy's amenable character , Ms.Birdie gives her house for a low rent with some gardening chores to be done . Rudy occassionally gets sandwitches and dry coffee from Ms.Birdie for his packing of the mulch and restructuring the azaleas in her garden . 
When Rudy goes for his trial on behalf of Donny he has to tryst with the greatest civil lawyer of Memphis state.But to his favour he gets Kipler as the judge who in the history is considered to be one of the nemesis of insurance companies that cheats the clients.While studying for the law exam he meets Kelly, a gorgeous small girl of 19, married to a harsh baseball player and a drunkard.This drunkard drinks and beats her like a hell often landing her in the hospital .Here Rudy meets her on one such occasion when she was a beaten down to corpse and slowly recovering .Rudy advises Kelly to file divorce against the baseballer and come with him .
The Lawyer who fights against Rudy ,Drummond has the reputation of being the shrewdest in the city of Memphis but eventually argues on the side of money rather than being on the side of truth and there starts the battle between the good and bad .
The story ends on the note of whether Rudy wins the trail against Great Benefit beating Drummond and  wins her lady love Kelly (eventually he has to ,being the Hero :-)). This is worth a read and can rated third best among my favorite grisham's following Firm and Partner .

And searching for an image to be added with this post , I came to know that there released a movie by this name . And the story seems to be the same and screenplay written by Grisham and Francis Ford Coppola(Does that name strike a chord , ya , he is the screenplay writer for The Godfather ).While reading the book itself you could associate this movie with a young hero and smart Matt Damon appears to be the one.Will look out for the movie too...!
With this my list of Grisham comes down to seven. 
Innocent man .
I have listed these in the order of my attachment towards them.

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