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Le vita E bella : Life is not always beautiful

La vita è bella (LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL)

CAST: Roberto Benigni , Nicoletta Braschi, Giorgio Cantarini, Horst Buchholz and more

DIRECTOR: Roberto Benigni WRITER: Roberto Benigni

Only a few movies in our lifetime would have led us to the verge of tears and I would be wrong if I say Life is Beautiful is not one of them. Life is beautiful is one of the classic foreign movies from the land of Italy which gave us some classics like Bicycle Thieves , The Good, the Bad and the Ugly . Truth to be told, most of you won’t recognize that it's a foreign movie unless you intend to look at the subtitles. Very few people would have the guts to take the subject of the Holocaust and put it under the category of comedy, but Benigni mixes the drama and the comedy well.

This is by all odds not a feel good movie .The movie is centralized around the Nazi's concentration camp. Unlike the other holocaust movies this does not revolve around the usual carnage by Nazi’s, but revolves around Guido (Roberto) and his love for his son Joshua played by Giorgio Cantarini and wife Dora , beautifully portrayed by Nicoletta Braschi (Real world wife of Roberto Benigni ). Life Is Beautiful is not about Nazis , but about the human spirit.

Some might say humour would be preposterous in a Holocaust movie, I would have accepted them if it had not been for Roberto Benigni . Benigni is one of the era's greatest comics. `Life is beautiful is the role he was born to play.

The jury of the academy awards that year were justified in awarding Life is beautiful with seven nominations finally landing the film with 3 statuettes. Roberto Benigni won the Oscar for best actor in the leading Role and two more for music score and best Foreign language film . The music track in this movie is one thing that is to be truly given credit for. It goes right on same the lines of the story.

The first half of the movie is like a fantasy-fable and it makes the sternest among us to One cant help but guffaw at Roberto Benigni’s slapstick. No one will miss "Buongiorno Principessa" from Roberto with great level of voice modulation getting the perfect timing every time he says it, thanks for his earlier work in Italian radio station.

And the second half of the movie is created in such a way that you wouldn't notice the tragedy surrounding the frames. The wit possessed by Guido in the movie is amazing. In spite of knowing the unendurable psychological pain, Roberto turns savior, protecting his son’s life whilst keeping his’ life at stake. Probably the best birthday gift any child could get from his father.

The Life is beautiful is brilliant storytelling through and through, with a depth in thematic imagery and symbolism, it transcends being just another run-of-the-mill holocaust film .Life is Beautiful lasts two hours but its resonance stays with you forever.

This is a movie of a lifetime which you will feel bad if you dont watch it ...

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  1. Awesome movie n excellent review..

    dude...happened to see a DR vijay movie by the name YOUTH da..PLAGIARISM at its best..they ve copied quite a lot frm this movie da..:(


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